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Rengit Elephant Coffee

Three major types of widely-traded coffee beans and blended coffees are sold today: arabica, liberica and robusta. A fourth species grown particularly in the South East Asian region is known as excelsa. Each type of bean has its own winning qualities and weaknesses.

What about Elephant Coffee?

The Rengit elephant coffee bean hails from the liberica family and earns its name from its enormous bean size. This unique bean, however, is not just liberica today. Like its multicultural host country, it evolved, adapted, “inter-married” and eventually became the bean that it is today - a bean the second generation of the Rengit Coffee family coffee planters discovered one day walking in the plantations. Two unique trees had produced a bean of abnormal size. It was an extraordinary bean - excelsa, robusta and liberica qualities all in one unique Rengit elephant bean. This truly Malaysian coffee had all the makings of a perfect cup; Rengit Coffee founder recognized its potential, cloned the prized bean and now grows more than 200 acres of Rengit Excelsa Pure Coffee.

Why is it termed as Elephant coffee bean?

The Rengit Elephant Coffee Bean is named after its large size among other coffee beans, akin to the elephant in the animal kingdom. Also, the pointed ends of the bean tilt upwards like the tusks of the elephant, so locals gave it the name of Elephant Coffee Bean.

Where is it grown? And how does it taste?

Grown in the Rengit Coffee Belt Region by a large number of small-time owners, Rengit Coffee’s signature coffee is made from these unique beans. Having numerous small-time planters grow our coffee instead of a single, mass production, ensures unparalleled care and attention. Rengit Coffee’s Elephant Coffee Beans are a special clone of Liberica and is prized for its fascinating bean appearance, good roast and strong, sweet aroma that hints of its fruity citrus blossom taste. Its fair body, light acidity, smooth flavour and predominantly sweet notes amidst bitterness leave a lasting aftertaste, well-loved by its patrons. It’s taste greatly differs from the local small size Liberica where the strong taste of “cempedak” jackfruit is prominent and slightly overpowering.

Can Elephant Coffee be found anywhere else?

Rengit Coffee Elephant Bean is patented as the only coffee bean of its kind - the result of evolution and utmost dedication over the history of business. We guarantee a truly authentic coffee and a memorable coffee tasting experience.

Is Rengit Coffee’s Pure coffee healthier for me?

Rengit Coffee is a healthier option of coffee compared to other local coffees, which often have added caramelized sugar, salt and margarine to mask the coffee’s lower quality. 100% No Added Sugar, Rengit Excelsa Pure Coffee is embraced by diabetics as a health drink and by all its drinkers, as a ‘pure’ coffee.