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Traditional Black Coffee

Traditional Black Coffee (Kopi-O) is found in many local coffee shops across South-East Asia!

Fun Fact: Found all across kopitiams (coffee shops) in S.E.A, traditional black coffee can be ordered in over more than 10 variations! Making it a very customization local drink. Traditional black coffee are usually laden with lots of sugar, corn, barley, sesame, salt and many other flavoring agents to lower the coffee cost. They are also roasted and cooked to a very charred state to mask the inferior taste and passed off as wholesome coffee powder.

Supply Haus brings to you the traditional rich flavor of Black Coffee but with a healthier ingredient list with just high grade coffee beans, sugar, dash of margarine, salt and that pinch of sesame for the extra Omph! Trust us on the good taste of our Kopi-O brands!