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Wild Elephant Luwak

Much has been said about the wonders of Luwak Coffee, the smooth mouthfeel, low acidity, rich flavors. Along with the high price Luwak fetches, some negativity has also been generated with the capitivity of civet cats, authenticity of the coffee beans and just generally the taste of Luwak.

At Supply Haus, we do not have ready stock of our RC's Elephant wild luwak coffee, instead they strictly adopt a “how much we can pick up, is how much we can sell” attitude. That is because their Luwak is composed of 100% wild civets cats who roam in their plantations and feast on the best Elephant Coffee beans. What they leave behind is then collected at dawn, processed and packed for our customers. Therefore, here at Supply Haus, we cannot guarantee you can always get our RC Wild Elephant Luwak Coffee, but we can guarantee if you get it, it will be 100% wild and authentic and your most exotic coffee experience.

Contact us at jiayi@supplyhaus.com.sg to check for availability or the next available roast date.