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Coffee Machines

Looking to get down and serious or sick of paying $6 for a cup of coffee? Having a good quality coffee machine makes life better, fresh coffee when you wake, fresh coffee when you need a coffee break, fresh coffee for meetings, fresh coffee after a meal. You get the idea, which is why you are here!

We carry automatic Jura coffee machines from Swiss simply because they are built to last, have merged ease and convenience into a small compact fit and they make a great serious cuppa if we dare say so compared to other small size coffee machines. The coffee machines have inbuilt grinders which allows fresh grinds of coffee beans to preserve aroma and taste.

You may be looking at our home type coffee machine for 1-20 cups daily or office type machines for 1-40 cups daily, or simply you are looking to invest in a quality automatic coffee machine for your business 1-100 cups daily. Depending on the quantity of cups you will be brewing per day and the budget allocated, it is good to choose a suitable machine so that it is well utilized and can go a long way with you!

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