• Our Story

Our Story

We are Singaporeans and we love to eat, drink and then eat and drink some more. So we have travelled, ate and drank to bring you the best of the drinks we are bringing you. Specially curated, we are sure it will delight your tastebuds like it does for us!

Below are some of the brands we personally tried and fell in love with!

Rengit Coffee

Rengit Coffee - The 100% Pure high quality Elephant Coffee Beans for the modern and savvy coffee lovers.

Cawan Mas

Cawan Mas - The unbeatable traditional taste of Muar's finest Tea and coffee collection. Bound to delight all the nostalgic tastebuds.

Rida Fruit

Rida Fruits - The freshest ready to eat pineapple from farm to table! Always giving you that refreshing bite.

Feel free to email us info@supplyhaus.com.sg to inquire about our coffee or possible partnerships.