• Canned Pineapple

Canned Pineapple

Love Pineapples but have no idea how to cut it?

Love eating it fresh at the convenience of your house any time you feel like it?

Rida's canned pineapples are here to your rescue!

Rida pineapple slices are cut perfectly to a circular shape with all the "eyes" nicely removed, hence they are awesome to munch on, grill, stack on burgers, stir fry, salad/dessert toppings or as cocktails. Your never have to worry about choosing a over ripe or unripe or unsweet pineapple again. All the pineapples are QC checked by their ripeness and brix index (sweetness level) before they are cut up and canned immediately giving you that sweet juicy bite all year round!

Available in Chunks, Wedges, Pieces and various can sizes, check and cart them out here!