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Types of Coffee

Since early days, Asians have been drinking coffee with various coffee recipes from different Asian Countries. These various recipes surfaced from roasters reducing the cost of coffee powders by adding cheaper bulking ingredients, or the preference of sweeter coffee by addition of caramelized sugar to the unique silky creamy taste of local coffee (from margarine). Malaysians from northern part of East Malaysia have also developed coffee roasting recipes of their own , that was vastly different from the rest of the world. Commonly known as 'Black Kopi' and 'White coffee', they soon became widespread throughout Malaysia and Singapore due to their delicious unique taste.

The Difference between Pure Coffee, Traditional Kopi and Local White Coffee:

Pure Coffee = 100% coffee beans

Traditional Coffee = coffee bean + caramelized sugar + margarine + others

with the recipes varying from each roasting house producing different taste profiles.

Pure coffee enjoys a rich and strong fragrant aroma and taste after expertly roasted by experienced roasters, unlocking its deeply hidden natural aroma and unique flavor.

In addition, pure coffee is a better choice for health conscious drinkers, especially for the diabetics, because it is absolutely 100% No Sugar added. The strong anti oxidant properties of pure coffee are also beneficial towards many diseases.